Connect4 (Sophomore Class President slate)

Maneesh Apte
Simar Mangat
Amanda Edelman
Nicole Hardson-Hurley
Slate statement

We are Maneesh, Simar, Amanda, and Nikke. Together we are Connect4, a team dedicated to giving you an incredible sophomore year. We plan to make next year unforgettable by connecting you to four things:

Epic Events

Full Moon on the Quad: Connect to tradition by exchanging free roses at the event and taking plastic roses and/or lips as souvenirs. Get informed with videos of upperclassmen recounting their experiences and reading tips and tricks to stay healthy. Keep up the fun with food trucks, Kiss Stix Chapstick, and great lights and music.

Connect to a more fun year with new events: Sophomore Formal, Silent MP3 Experiment, 2017 Flash Mob, and Sophomore Showcase.

Stanford Community

Connect to your Stanford community with: Frosh Dorm Reunions, Campus-wide TV and Movie Nights, Sophomore Spotlights, and a 2017 Website.

Outside Community

Connect to the Outside Community with: Sophomore Internships, Alumni Events, Low-Commitment Community Service Opportunities, and Discounts at Local Stores.

Academic Direction

Connect to Academic Direction with: iDeclare Week (a week dedicated to events that facilitate the process of choosing a major), Faculty Dinners, Sophomore Study Groups, and a Centralized Website for the Stanford Book Exchange.


We know that our ideas represent just a small selection of ways to give you the amazing sophomore year that you deserve. As Sophomore Class Presidents we want to hear YOUR voices.

Here's to connecting you to an incredible sophomore year.