The Fellowship (Junior Class President slate)

Brianna Brown
Dylan Moore
Jotthe Kannappan
Alex Sax
Kat Gregory
Steven Solomon
Slate statement

Hello Class of 2016!

We are a eclectic group of involved and dedicated juniors who vary in interests and backgrounds, but are united for one ultimate goal: to improve the Stanford experience of our class.

As a brief introduction, here are some issues that we are all passionate about –

1) Increasing the number of people that can go abroad. Current programs aren't as big as the student populous that is qualified and interested in participating, and many majors involve stringent requirements that make it hard to go abroad during any academic year. We are interested in working with Bing Overseas and the Haas center to maybe increase the number of students that can attend current overseas studies programs, as well as introduce a well-established and Stanford-associated program for working abroad during the summer.

2) Consolidating mental health awareness and support through the formation of a committee composed of members of all mental health groups. This will help the junior class overcome some of the stressful parts of junior year, and help you all take care of yourselves, by making it the groups more accessible.

3) Establishing a career mentorship network on campus. Our passion for education shines through with our desire to connect juniors to people form professional fields of interest. We are well aware that for many of us, our major doesn't constitute our desired career, and a series of mixers and academic talks can help many of us decide what we want the latter to be. Speakers can range from tech to modern art to public policy- whatever our class thinks we need most.

4) Make the arts more accessible to students. We want art to play a more central role on campus. We plan to address this issue by increasing the number of seats in classes such as studio art classes - so you can explore passions besides your major. We would also love working with Cantor to hold more student-oriented events to encourage participation in and appreciation of the arts on campus. If there is a significant amount of student interest, a junior class musical could also be really fun!

5) Pushing campus cultural diversity programming. While Stanford is home to one of the most diverse student populations in the United States, we had yet to exploit that in cultural programming. A junior class culture show (that is free admission) and class events with plenty of ethnic foods are only a couple ideas we have for accomplishing this.

6) And of course... planning fun social events for juniors!

Finally, many Stanford students are excellent in their own right (especially the juniors). If you have suggestions for what you would like to see, we encourage you to contact us. We are here to serve you, and plan to constantly find new ways to make Stanford a more fun, enriching, diverse, and interesting place.

Get to know us! Send an email or ask us questions. We’re here to make junior year awesome!

-The Fellowship