The League (Senior Class President slate)

Connor Kelley
Malika Mehrotra
Natalya Thakur
Eric Iwashita
Slate statement

Visit our website at that goes live at 00:00:01 on 4/1/14

Hey Class of 2015 –

Are we too overcommitted? Maybe. A little bit out there? Clearly. Cute and fun? Of course. We are THE LEAGUE, and we’re here to bring you the best senior year imaginable.

Remember the awkwardness of freshman year? The slump of sophomore year? And the disconnected weirdness of junior year? Exactly. We – Eric, Natalya, Malika, and Connor – pledge to ensure that that never happens again. Senior year is a totally new experience, and we’re here to make sure it stays that way.

We love Stanford, and we love the Class of 2015. That’s why The League wants to bring you (and ourselves, lezzbehonest) a truly incredible last year on The Farm. How can we be so sure of this? Our experiences, new perspectives, and creativity. We know the people, the process, and the place.

We know the people…

Everyone says that the people are what make Stanford the fantastic place that it is, which is objectively true. As a slate, we know huge amounts of those people - we’ve been hosts for Rhythms, involved in performing arts groups, done significant work with cultural communities, participated in the Greek community, volunteered with a variety of organizations, and worked at Sierra Camp. We cherish the lessons we’ve learned from those experiences, but the personal connections and friendships are the things that really matter. We’re here as class presidents to help facilitate more of those personal connections to be made. Whether it be that IHUM kid, mysterious hall mate from sophomore year, or person from your abroad group who you didn’t get to know, we want to strengthen our class community so we leave as a tight-knit unit.

We know the process…

Together, we bring absurd amounts of experience, while still retaining a totally unencumbered sense of fresh perspective. From our experiences as class presidents, RA’s, peer advisors, financial officers, and university volunteers, we know the procedure and protocol involved in the Administration. Further, we have worked tirelessly to establish relationships with members of upper-level university management and groups. We want to leverage that to superbly craft the Class of 2015’s senior year. Being senior class presidents is a lot of work, and having that knowledge and those relationships established now makes us a perfect fit for the job.

We know the place…

Stanford works hard and plays harder. We get that. We’ve been there. Sure, we’ve got experience and connections, but we also have some solid event ideas that marry those two themes. We will work to craft the most unforgettable signature Senior Events like President’s Reception, Senior Formal, the Baccalaureate Speaker Contest, the Senior Arts Gala at Bing and more. In terms of “play”, we’re going to bring a mix of old and new. We’ll bring back the favorites, of course -- Senior Days and Nights, Bar Crawls, Senior Skill Workshops, and Match15 -- but we’ve also got some new events in the works that will foster greater community and inter-connectivity throughout our class, like dorm and abroad reunions, Senior Service Days, screw-the-seniors date activities, alternative Senior Nights, and many more.

Our Goal...

To unite our class under the one name that we will have as long as we are alive and beyond. Members of the Stanford Class of 2015. So we want to do you want to remember your last year at the most prestigious university in the United States of America? We want everyone to look back on their four years of college and remember their communities and individuals that made their college experiences absolutely unforgettable. So, let’s bring everyone together one last time and strengthen our class community under the title of “The Stanford Class of 2015.”

At the end of the day, this year is our year. We own 2015. We’ve got the funds, the relationships, and the skills to make it great, but without the collective voice of 2015, nothing can happen. We’re committed to planning and finishing what you want. Senior year is the year of “First-Lasts” and there’s absolutely no way we’ll let those pass by. We will always be the Class of 2015. Let’s define that together.

So, vote for us, seniors. Do it for 2015. Do it for yourself. Do it for our legacy.

Much love,

Eric, Natalya, Malika, and Connor