Sexual Health Peer Resource Center (Special Fee group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Special Fee
Total request amount $68,926.00
Previous Special Fee amount $38,850.00
Change from previous request 77%
Amount per Undergrad $9.88 per year
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Special Fee request sponsor
MaryJo Lopez,

Group statement

The SHPRC is a student-run sexual health resource center housed on the second floor of Vaden. We provide the student body with free and subsidized sexual health and pleasure products. Additionally, we put on a variety of educational outreach events throughout the majority of freshmen and upper-class dorms on campus on topics such as Sex 101, Kink and Pleasure, Consent, and Contraception. We also put on Sex Week in the Spring. We invite multiple, well-known sexual health educators and authors to come to speak to the whole student body on a variety of issues including sexual health, relationships, kink, and asexuality. Undergraduate Special Fees make all these endeavors possible!

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